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Warranty Registration:
Email the information listed below to [email protected] to register your warranty. Must register all items within 10 days of purchase.

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Order Number
  4. Purchase website (,,
Our warranty only covers malfunction from normal use, such as electronics failure. We will not replace or repair any items which are damaged due to product misuse (any use other than it's intended purpose), accidental damage (e.g., drops, water damage...etc). Please note, if a product is opened to access it's internal components it will void our warranty.

Warranty Length:
Classic Vintage Sunglasses (30 Days)
Grid Gear Paracord Bracelets (30 Days)
Personalized Milk Charger (30 Days)
Zentek Solar Charger (30 Days)
Zentek Speaker Watch Pro (30 Days)
Zentek Personalized Milk Charger (30 Days)

Item Specific Warranty Details:
Grid Gear Paracord Bracelet - If the magnesium flint rod breaks during normal use it is covered under our warranty, however if the flint rod has been worn out from normal use. it is not covered by our warranty.